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Audi innovation

Enjoy being a tracker. Follow the topics that drive Audi.
In technology, on the road and in the worldwide future of mobility.

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    Vorsprung durch Technik

    Find out more about innovative, pioneering topics involving cars, technologies and the environment.

    Vorsprung durch Technik
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    Legendary technology that has evolved with the times: permanent all-wheel drive from Audi is at home on every road.

    Audi quattro
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    Audi connect

    Feel at home wherever you are in your vehicle: Audi connect networks the car with the driver, the internet and the infrastructure.

    Audi connect
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    Audi Sport

    The world of motorsport: full information on top-class sport in the WEC, DTM, Audi Sport TT Cup and GT sport.

    Audi Sport
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    Audi RS models

    Born in motorsport: Audi’s high-performance models are driving machines approved for road use.

    Discover the world of RS
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    Mission to the Moon

    Audi is helping the Part-Time Scientists to prepare the Audi lunar quattro for the challenges of the Moon.

    Mission to the Moon