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As individual as the life you lead.

You use your Audi not just to get from A to B, but for planing experiences from A to Z. Your aim is to pause only briefly at one destination before heading off for another. We create more scope for you to do precisely that. With Audi Genuine Accessories: products that deliver the quality we promise, day in, day out. Find out which tailor-made ideas Audi Genuine Accessories have ready for your lifestyle.


Sport & design

Stylishness is a question of getting the details right. It starts with the cast aluminium wheels from Audi Genuine Accessories – available both for summer and for winter. You can also create impressive highlights on your Audi with various exterior and interior Audi Genuine Accessories. Practical accessories such as snow chains round off the product portfolio in this category.


Enjoy freedom. In all its facets. Fit the transport solutions from Audi Genuine Accessories and make the most of your hobby. Or just switch off. Whatever your plans, give yourself the freedom to carry whatever you need with you. Because it’s up to you to decide what the day will bring: a skiing trip to the mountains, a bike excursion with the kids or an exhilarating canoeing tour. Savour the feeling that you’ve got all bases covered – then relax, and look forward to your activity.


Demand the best connections, wherever you are. Communication is all-important, not just in the office. Being able to make decisions quickly and flexibly, including when out and about, is becoming ever more important. But the communications solutions from Audi Genuine Accessories make sure you are not merely connected, you are kept perfectly entertained, too. Your favourite music is just the push of a button away. And the navigation updates from Audi Genuine Accessories make sure you can always get to your destination quickly. The convenient, simple and intuitive way.


We put particular effort into making sure your children have even more fun. People who expect top quality in their work are also entitled to do so when at leisure. Above all when it comes to keeping the occupants safe and protected. And especially where the little ones in the rear are concerned. Insist on high quality for your children, too – with child seats and other products for children from Audi Genuine Accessories.

Comfort & protection

The first impression matters. After all, your own car is always an expression of your personality, too – and a groomed appearance is the best calling card. The wide range of comfort and protective features from Audi Genuine Accessories keeps your car’s appearance comprehensively stylish – whether load-liner, care products or textile and rubber floor mats. Let Audi Genuine Accessories impress you – so that you can impress others with your style.

Whether custom features or functional solutions, you will find detailed information about the extensive accessory products in our accessories catalogues or in the Audi accessory finder.