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Keeping your Audi the authentic article: Audi Genuine Parts

Every new stage of life presents fresh challenges. But your Audi will always be a faithful companion along the way. And if it ever needs a part changing, we recommend that you have Audi Genuine Parts fitted.

  • These are specially tested for each individual Audi.
  • Most parts that help keep a vehicle mobile remain available for up to 15 years after a model goes out of production.
  • They are highly developed components that are designed in depth to optimise the vehicle’s performance. They function as perfectly as the original.
  • Thanks to their accuracy of fit and Audi’s high quality standard, they are both reliable and durable.
  • Audi Genuine Parts can be fitted quickly, saving you both costly workshop time and unnecessary adjustment work.
  • At the Audi partner they are fitted by trained Audi specialists who double up as your expert contacts.
  • Audi Genuine Parts help to maintain the value of your Audi.