• A1 Sportback
    A1 Sportback

    The Audi A1 Sportback. Small car. Big on Audi. More functonality and more freedom.

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    RS 4 Avant

    Athletics and functionality on a line. The Audi RS 4 Avant.

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Your Audi A8 L


50 TDI quattro tiptronic
98.610,00 EUR

  • Basic price
    97.500,00 EUR
  • Optional equipment
    1.110,00 EUR
  • Price
    98.610,00 EUR

Elegant and generously proportioned.

Comfort that invites you to take a seat. Thanks to the larger rear doors. And noticeably more space in the interior. The new Audi A8 L. Allow yourself and your ideas all the room you need.

  • 563x317_0005_AA8_D_131082.jpg
    Brilliant ambience. Space and luxury.

    Enjoy increased legroom in the rear. For even more relaxed travel or concentrating even better while working. Surrounded by an upholstery that is truly in a class of its own.

  • 563x317_0001_AA8_D_141034.jpg
    Brilliant leather. Distinctive and exclusive.

    Unicum leather*. Vegetable tanned. Breathable. Beautifully soft and yet water- and dirt repellent, too. Full of characteristic features. Unique. Perceptible. Mirroring your own personality. In every detail. *For information on when this feature will be available, please contact your Audi partner.